Simple, transparent pricing

No setup fee. 24/7 chat support.

Unlimited events

Unlimited subscriptions

Unlimited video storage

Unlimited video courses

Robust analytics

Customer referrals

Email automations

Website plugins

API access

Extensive customization

Ribbon lite

Best if you make less than $700/month.


5% fee per ticket

SMS messaging

Email marketing


All features

Payment processing and service fees apply.

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Ribbon Basic

Best for new businesses.


1% fee per ticket

SMS messaging

Email marketing


All features

Payment processing and service fees apply.

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Best for growing businesses without staff and in-person venues.


0% fee per ticket

SMS messaging

Email marketing


All features

Payment processing and service fees apply.

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Ribbon advanced

Best for businesses with staff or in-person venues.

Custom pricing

Concierge onboarding

Data import/transfer

Dedicated support

Business reports

Point of sale

All features

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Got a question?

What is Ribbon?

Ribbon lets you schedule events, accept payments for tickets, rent on-demand videos, create subscriptions and class packs, send texts and emails directly to your customers from your dashboard.

Ribbon integrates directly with your website and has no branding, meaning your customers never have to leave your existing website when purchasing tickets to your events.

What does Ribbon cost?

We have pricing tiers for all kinds of cases – you can get started with our basic plan for free, at a 5% fee for every ticket booked through the platform. See our pricing for more info.

Can I sell videos/recordings?

Yes! You can rent out individual videos and sell subscriptions to them. You can divide your video library in any way you'd like. Ribbon hosts your videos and there is no size limit.

Can I send emails/texts from my dashboard?

Yes! You can send emails and text your customers directly from your dashboard. This is perfect for reminders, follow-ups, or just generally engaging messages to your customers.

Is there a setup fee?

No setup fee! Getting started takes less than a minute and placing your up-to-date schedule on your website is equally fast!

How does Ribbon integrate with my website?

When you register, you'll get a one-line-of-code plugin that you can paste anywhere on your site. This will display your up-to-date schedule and let your customers purchase tickets without leaving your website. Works with any website and website provider (such as Squarespace, Wix, Wordpress, etc).

Can I use Ribbon if I don't have a website?

Yes! Each host gets a beautful landing page which they can use if they don't have a website. You can also create landing pages for each event, where you can add a customer description and custom images.

How do I receive my payments?

Each individual payment will go directly to you as soon as it is settled - without delay! You can accept payments from all cards across the world and through Paypal.

How do you integrate with Zoom?

We integrate directly with your Zoom account, which means that every new event you create in Ribbon will automatically have an associated Meeting created in Zoom. Each Meeting created in Zoom has a unique link and password.

The Zoom link and password get sent as personal virtual tickets to your customers prior to the start of the event.

Can I issue donation-based tickets?

Yes! You can choose whether you want to issue tickets of a fixed price (eg $15) or whether you want your customers to pick a ticket price from a range that you set (eg between $10 and $80).

Can I create recurring events?

Yes! You can create recurring events in your Ribbon dashboard. Each recurring event will automatically have a unique Zoom link and password created for each occurrence of the event.

Can I host online and in-person events?

Yes! Ribbon works for both online and in-person events. It's very easy to do both.

I'm a studio. Can I use Ribbon?

Yes! As a studio owner, you can keep track of your teachers and their events, payroll, and reporting. Contact us to get you started.

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